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We at NORD BLVD love beautiful interior spaces and Nordic designs combined with more rich and detailed items. We take our own experiences and estetiques to find unique and beautiful products for our customers. Our aim is to carefully select pieces with a distinctive style that will stand the test of time, so you can love those pieces tomorrow as much as you love them today.

We are a small team who decided to follow their passion. Beautiful designs has always been a passion for us and we feel that our everyday surroundings should be source of our happiness and well-being. 

When it comes to home interiors, we love those pieces that give space a luxurious feel. Quite often it can be the smallest elements that stand out the most and give a room its character. With the right pieces you can transform any space into something that is uniquely yours. A luxury chair, a scented candle or a throw on sofa can be just the piece to add style and additional character to your living room. Combining contemporary and classical pieces with world trends creates a unique style that you can make your own. Our product selection is constantly evolving and we also encourage our customers to give their feedback what they would like to find from our shop.

Our products are off high quality and may cost a little more, but the rewards are significant. Buying from NORD BLVD will mean a home that is full of style, original designs from carefully selected manufacturers who take pride in their products, so you know that you'll have a classical piece that will bring joy for yourself and for your guests for years to come. 

Our hope is that we can offer you inspiration and tips to approach every day with stylish attitude and positive mind.

We are here for you!





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