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Cuero Design



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The Butterfly armchair, made by Cuero Design Company (Sweden) is light, with excellent quality from luxurious natural materials with elegant finishing. In addition to classic pieces, the company makes tables and chairs mostly of Lars Kjerstadius design, in the spirit of Butterfly armchairs. Cuero Design products are manufactured in Sweden. This classic armchair design was first presented in 1938 in Buenos-Aires under the name BKF in honor of its three designers (Bonet, Kourchan and Ferrari-Hardoy). Out of respect to the original design of the 1930s, Cuero Design Company (Sweden) produces Butterfly armchairs with durable saddle leather seats, dyed with plant pigments. The sturdy frame, made of a solid steel rod, makes the Butterfly armchair light and airy, yet sturdy.

  • Size: W 87 x H 92 x D 86 cm
  • Material: Leather, metal
  • Frame: Black
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